Versatile and well maintained locomotive fleet.

Our fleet consist of owned and rented electric and diesel locomotives, enabling us to reach every available location and industrial siding in Serbia.

Electric locomotives

Serbian type 441

Bo'-Bo', AC-DC,
80t, 3,8 MW

Bombardier Traxx AC2 DAHU,
German type 185

Bo'-Bo', AC-AC,
86t, 5,6 MW

Disel-Electric locomotives

ČKD Praha,
Serbian type 646

Bo'-Bo', DC-DC,
64t, 552 kW

ČKD Praha,
Serbian type 647

Bo'-Bo', DC-DC,
72t, 883 kW

ČKD Praha,
Serbian type 648

Bo’-Bo’, DC-DC,
64t, 882 KW

ČKD Praha,
Serbian type 667

Co'-Co', DC-DC,
64t, 993 kW;

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